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“Please, no more Comic Sans!” Google Web Fonts & Typekit

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Phew!  I recently got a new domain name and web host and gave a fresh look to my website (one could say that I’m lazy with my designs, I prefer to call it “minimalist”).  The portfolio part is still incomplete as I have not yet determined how it will be organised (and what I should put in there, for that matter – is there anything really? Haha) but (fingers crossed!) I will complete it before uni starts again.

Anyway, while I was doing all of this I came across this cool tool to add fancy open source fonts to your website.  It’s called Google Web Fonts and it is currently a free service.

Fonts available include the standard open source fonts such as Open Sans, Droid Sans (found on the Android OS) and Ubuntu.

There are also some fancy unique fonts available.  My personal favourites are Questrial and Leckerli One, which I used on my new website (see below!)

It’s quite easy to install these fonts too. There’s no need to upload the font file onto your server and link to them into your code like in the good ‘ol days – just choose the fonts you would like to implement (there is also a handy guide to tell you how much time it will take for the chosen fonts and your web page to load), and copy and paste in the code snippets that they give you into your HTML and CSS code.

If you’re looking for a wider range of fonts and extra features, Typekit is a great service, which has recently been acquired by Adobe.  Typekit offers a wider range than Google’s service.  Corner Store is my personal favourite – reminds me of signs for a milk bar or diner in the 50s.

Typekit offers several pricing plans, including free trial plan. Fonts are installed onto your website in a similar way to Google Web Fonts.  This service also has the option of integrating your custom corporate font and fonts from other foundries.

The range of fonts and features on Typekit is ideal for professional web designers.  But if you’re like me – your typical stingy uni student – Google Web Fonts provides excellent fonts for you to use at your disposal for your website for free.  There’s nothing wrong with your standard Arial or Helvetica, but try these services out if you would like to go beyond your standard Sans-Serif font for your web design.

Just – whatever you do – please stay away from Comic Sans.